Rooted in Emirati heritage

Who we are

NIILI exists for the love of luxury fashion. We are a brand rooted in Emirati heritage that takes cues from Mother Nature. Combining her distinctive elements with the cultural essence of the land, we orchestrate investment pieces that leave a lasting, indelible impression. We believe luxury is about honesty and timelessness. It should be simple, sophisticated and eternally expressive of refined tastes that can be cherished over the years. Ours is a closet that brims with wardrobe gems every fashion-conscious individual deserves. Nature, style and culture go hand-in-hand in every weave, carefully intertwined to narrate tales from a land of enigma called the UAE. That’s NIILI in a nutshell.

Our Values

Our multicultural team is committed to delivering exclusivity and uniqueness. There is no negotiation on quality. Contemporary and eclectic, NIILI products reflect superior craftsmanship marked with unflinching attention to detail. We believe in achieving design excellence via creativity, integrity and ethical fashion guided by the principles of sustainability. NIILI is more about values than rules. We are a conscious brand that contributes responsibly to the local community in every step of the supply chain. Each piece is made using only natural materials. Our production and packaging processes are designed in a way waste generation is minimised. Doing better and more with less defines our limited-edition products that encourage responsible consumption. Nevertheless, we meet steadfast standards without cutting corners.

Meet the Founders

Paula Quetglas

Paula Quetglas

An alumnus of the prestigious La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and an ex-staffer at Elie Saab, Paula is an accomplished fashion designer with more than 9 years of experience under her belt. Creating fashion that infuses tradition with urbanity is what inspires this Spanish designer the most.

Khaled Al Zaabi

Khaled Al Zaabi

Emirati investment professional Khaled brings over 11 years of trade experience. But, it is his trust with fashion that is noteworthy. He is presently busy developing the luxury fashion brand of his dreams that carries the finesse of skilled artisans and redefines the spirit of urban UAE without diluting its essence.

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